Covid cases in Ireland 01 October 20


Covid cases in Ireland to 01 October 20

Something a little different this time.  The  impact of Covid-19  on every facet of life has meant that alot of data has been recorded and collected.  Correspondingly there has been a lot of information made available to the public.  In Ireland we as in most of Europe have been experiencing the start of a second wave.  Lockdowns have been reintroduced and their perimeters have been defined by county boundries.  
Here the data was expressed in 2 ways one the total number of confirmed cases per county but also of the proportion of population affected in each county corrects for different population densities. The whole thing was then examined per day.  It is easy to see the first wave peaking in April, every county holds steady in July and cases increase everywhere in September. Data released lags realtime by 2-3 days.  The next week look critical to gain control of numbers again.  

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