Lots of waiting


Lots of waiting

A 2D image for a change.  Wanted to get back to just creting compositions.  I didnt want to spend ages rendering to get an effect so I kept things loose.  Originally the composition was not going to have too much detail on the left hand side but as It got worked up the plan changed and in the end it feels the more successful part of the painting.  I did smuggle in a little 3D.  
    I have painted rain before and never got a a satisfying result. This time I did a particle simultation using a few different objects and lit it to get the drops to show up. I rendered it as a Quicktime movie to preserve the alpha channel.  I used a single frame of the render and added it as a layer to the PSD file.

As I had kept the layers during painting I was able to drop the completed layers, onto the animation in Blender. I rendered it again then imported the layers into Photoshop to create the Gif (cant do this in Blender, sigh).  

Most of the Photoshop work I streamed on Twitch and the videos are there

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