Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wild West Line-up

Wild West Line -up

Last week was all about the Artstation Wild West Challenge.  I played around with a few different approaches to this but opted for a more straight forward interpretation.  Part of the reason was I wanted to try a line based design process.  With 10 characters required I will have an opportunity to fine tune it.  This is the first outlaw - a safe cracker.  I plan to add flat colour and shadows to each.  The second is townsfolk no 1 - dancer.  This has the value work plus lines over the top.    Lots of work to meet deadline.  

Safe cracker -lines


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Boros -Gwent 

I finished a version of this last week to enter in the Gwent Witcher card game competition.  I don't think I entered in time.  In any case the image was not finished so I spent this week polishing as much as I could.  It is of Boros a dwarf that got drunk and drowned trying to retrieve his ring. 
 The other competition that is running is the Artstation Wild West Challenge.  They require 10 characters and I spent some of this week working on those.  These are some playing around with watercolour and acrylics. 
After this I am going back to studies. 



Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Watercolour and ink stuff

snowy field

 This week all traditional.  Broke out the watercolours which I have not used before this.  The landscapes were done from photos.  I think it would take a while to master this medium - a lot of it is planning and knowing a how the paint will move.  The sheep was the first one and was way too fussy.  

Misty mountain 
sheep in field

 The rest of these are just fooling around with ink and watercolour mostly thinking about technique.  The ones from imagination are overworked.  Definitely need the design nailed before heading into ink or be prepared to redraw - a lot.   

Little gunfighter
Ink tree


Photo study

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Dropping poster

Did this for the Bjornament  challenge even though I got knocked out of the winners bracket there is a best losers spot up for grabs.  Still useful to focus and produce a finished piece. Because it was not a so important spot I took some liberties interpreting the brief.  Used an online tutorial at Design Cuts to help with the ageing and grain effects.