Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plough horse oil painting

This year has been tough - lots of long hours at work and other commitments that have meant I was not able to do as much art work as I would have liked.

One piece that has being running since April is this plough horse.

It started out as an exercise and I was going to use acrylics.

I have not worked with them much but  liked the idea of being able to layer the paints quickly.
I used a couple of photo references for this - the main one was in black and white.  The sketch used that composition.  

20 march 2011

I sketched in pencil and  I should have spent some time getting this right but I didn't.  Next time .........
The next thing I did was started blocking in colour. This was in acrylic.
It was at his point I realised how massive the area was and how much effort it was going to take to make this work. 

 I stopped at here.  

When I returned to work on it I had decided to switch to oils.  
I chipped away at it for April and blocked in all the colour.  I worked on landscape behind. 

05 May 2011
Plough horse oil painting step 6
Next I started to work on the furrows.  As it was such a big canvas I didn't want to get into too much detail.  I marked the lines out then defined

11 MAY 2011

25 MAY 2011
When all other detail was added I went in and added the harness and shadows.
I added a pale wash to push the landscape and sky back and that was it.
03  June 2011

As ever learned alot on this-I should do more prep and make more decisive decisions as I work.  


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