sci-fy landscape

Waiting - video  Youtube link

This was playing around with Photoshop layers and using Blender lighting and effects.  I did something like this going the reverese - 3D models and Photoshop layers before for Turbine.  

Sci fy buildings

I was able to quickly create the layers and then import them as image to plane in Blender.  

Photoshop layers

I seperated the layers based on effects. For this I turned off shadows for lights and layers.  

Layers in Blender

The stars(particles) were the most  fiddly.  I had to set up a cube and collision to contain them and stop them leaking into the foreground. 

Layers with effects in Blender

 The rest was balancing the lighting to keep the effects visible.

Everything was rendered in Eevee.

Tree with friends

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