Unforeseen Circumstances

Nuclear Reactor

Well there you are.  
Had a plan.  
Was working through it.  
Knew it would be a tough ask but was giving it a lash and then...  

Yes a once in a 100 year happening happens.  
Now what.  

The virus has ironically not impacted much of how I was living.  I was mostly spend time working or practicing.  I had already cut my expenditure right down - no holidays , nights out  or  fancy anything.  
What it has done has hit the momentum of the work - it dried up completly and has picked up again - but slowly.   It has created a vast unkown  a calculated gamble that has now become it seems,  just become a gamble.  
For now I am in holding mode trying to figure out the next move.  
I am sure a lot of people are.  

So stay safe, stay healthy, hold firm.  This too will pass.

In the meantime the blog has taken quite a hit.  I was really busy trying to get as much work done as possible so not much personal work in the mix.
This gif is mixture of Blender and Photoshop - a combination  I have been playing around  with alot of late.  

Tree with friends

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