Monday, July 13, 2020

Wash your hands

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Back again.  I have taken some time out to revise my portfolio and website and relaunch the business side of this enterprise.  I gave myself some personal projects and I will be publishing them over the next couple of days.  I will follow up here with some more behind the scenes work and explanation.  If there are some things among all this that interest you or you have some questions let me know here or any of the other social media sites.  

The updated website is

One of the more contemporary projects was  'Wash your Hands'.
This was modeled, animated and edited in Blender. 
The structures were based on virus protein sequence data such as here

The data was imported into Blender using the atomic blender utilities add on. This allows you to import the PDB data.  Had to play around with the import parameters to get the desired effect. 

After that the structure could be edited but for a virus where multiples were required it was not practical.  I went back to the sculpt tools and approximated the shapes.  The surface was created with textures.

The fluid simulation was a learning curve.  I had worked with the old fluid sim in Blender which was based on the particle system.  The mantaflow system is more powerful but complex.  Tweaking each parameter piecemeal was require and would be my biggest tip.  Make sure that the sim has recalculated after each change and review the outcome.  

After that was moving some cameras and editing the rendered movie.  

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