Thursday, July 16, 2020

Plate Fill

This work evolved out what was going to be part of a larger project but as it developed began to eclipse it.  All completed in Blender 2.83.  The subject is a microtitre plate.  It is used in analytical laboratories to run tests.  This one has 96 wells.  It allows 96 reactions to be run simultaneously using very small quantities of reagents. 

 It would be on of the most common formats for running the Covid-19 antibody tests for research and diagnostics.  
They are usually polyproplylene or polstyrene and serve just as the assay container so not considered very exciting.  

The challenge was to make it feel heroic and to do that required some work.  

Tried a few different looks first then set up the animations.  
I used all the hard won fluid knowledge from the virus video to set up the fill.  

I used the clamp to constraint to move the camera along paths.  

I also added a music track and cut the edits to match and give a rhythm.  
This was a learning curve and a half but a really good challenge.   

  Lockdown concentrates the mind. 

I am streaming more regularly on Twitch  and the bigger project is being worked on there.  You can catch me live or watch the VODs.  

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