Monday, November 13, 2017

The messenger

After Rubens 

So got a first pass completed on the old gal.  The plan to complete these by doing successive layers was somewhat abandoned.  I didn't have any zinc white to hand only titanium white which is too opaque for glazing.  I also figured out I was not going to make it to the anything like the finish of the original progressing with glazes without the white so I compromised.  Regardless the grey layer really helped and after the colours were mixed the painting too no time at all.  

I got a second pass on bearded guy and here the glazing did help pick up the hue.  
I think it would take quite alot of playing around and adjusting to get a good process down. I have a few more panels prepped so I can continue .
  The last image is a copy of ALFRED VON WIERUSZ-KOWALSKI   the messenger.  Did this study because I liked the massing of dark and light.  

After Rubens 


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