Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tis the Season

 Had a little time this afternoon to do some Christmas shopping.  I confess I don't do the tasteful colour coordinated designer Christmas. I instead revel in the bright colourful stuff and have accumulated a motley set of decorations which carry memories of past Christmases from distant places.  Its dark and cold outside and I need to balance that out.  So today I added to my collection some LED lights (energy kind) and a small angel.  Tomorrow they will be artfully arranged on my tree.

The Guardian (UK newspaper) has gathered a collection of photographs of Christmas Trees (or not) that have graced the Tate Britain.  What you see is a battleground for statements ranging from the obscure - this years by Giorgio Sadotti's to the literal message left by Tracey Emin.  Check it out.   

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