Sunday, December 19, 2010

Over the Wall

 Had a lot of snow fall here on Friday about 6" (well alot for us).  This caused my 6 mile commute home from work to change from a 15-20 minute jaunt to a long frustrating 2 hour study in traffic chaos.  

Last year we had less snow but very low temperatures.  It provided some unusual landscapes.  This is an oil painting of one of the views from the rear of the house I was in called 'Over the Wall'.  To the left of this view is an abandoned digger and the shell of a new house  build.  The promise of completing that build long evaporated and now probably as extinct as the Celtic tiger that fuelled its creation.  I chose to not show it.  The  only hint of all this is the piece of scaffolding in the foreground. 

oil painting snowy lanscape Ireland

This afternoon I shot this guy hunting for food also in a fields over my garden wall.  The light was fading hence the grainy quality.    

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