Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas- Ben Bulben oil painting

Happy Christmas / Holidays to all!

Well made it to the big day.  Travelling home just 35 miles away was more like a relief mission than the usual trek to be with family. The extreme cold meant I had to bring heaters and water (in case pipes froze).  

Anyway below is a painting  that I did for my sister as a gift. Earlier in the year she asked if I would do one for her - something from Sligo.   It is of Ben Bulben -a mountain near where my parents home is. It has a very distinctive profile.  It was done on a square canvas which meant I had to think a little bit about composition.  It would have fit a little easier in a landscape format but I think it ended up being more interesting. Anyway I have completed it early November and have been looking at it since. Touch ups and a big rethink on the sky. Originally a lot of Cumulus clouds - it was too claustrophobic.  I think this works way better.  I will be sorry to see it go.  Hope she likes it.    

ben bulben  Sligo

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