Monday, October 23, 2017

On the Trail?

Inktober  22 Trail
Led off with an Inktober sketch.  That goat is me clinging on, travelling the less obvious route.  
After Rubens  
 Managed to get the next layer done on the lady.  Came out ok so far.  Not so good on the dude.  I have no idea how the tinting layers should be done for this.  There are a few scant sources on youtube.  I am going to use some older texts to help guide on this and see if I can figure it out.  
I will prepare a few more panels.  There are a few days to week between layers so  I will keep working.

 After Rubens 

Inktober  17  graceful 

Inktober 18 filthy 

Inktober 19 Clouds

Inktober 20 Deep

Inktober 21 Furious

Inktober 23 Juicy 

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