Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ink and oil

After Rubens portrait oil 2 layers

Went back to oils last week.  I wanted to try the Flemish method and copy some portraits.  This is the first.  After laying in the first umber layer.  It is too dark - not because of the umber layer but the overpainting which I did in acrylic to save drying time.  The downside was that I could not wash it to knock it back which would have been the case for oils.  I will continue but I have started a second - below.  Because of the drying required between each layer I will follow these 2 up with 3 more to keep momentum.  
After Rubens portrait -oil 1 layer

Last year was the first time I participated in inktober and I realised how poor my draftsmanship was.   I did a lot more work in pens through the year.  

Here is the start of this years.  The ink sketches and studies  have been about 30 min each.  
I will continue to do those but for the inktober work I will give myself no time constraint. These were about 2 hours - planning to completion.  

Inktober 1

Inktober 2

The ink studies for last week are below. 

This is an ink study - messed up the eye so went into photoshop to amend.  
After Reubens portrait ink-

After Edward Seago, South Bay Quay, Singapore

 Photo study.

Urchins ink

After Frazetta ink
From life 
Plant ink

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