Monday, June 18, 2012

Bloodsports 12

Bloodsports 12 was a design challenge.  

 we are asking you to create a BEER LABEL to be put directly on a BOTTLE.

you get to choose what brand of beer youll be working with- or if youll opt to create your own. both are acceptable. the important thing though is that your label has an intended market, and a fitting style for that market. is this a fancy beer meant for upper class people? is this a trashy and cheap beer meant for college partygoers? is this a badass beer meant for biker gangs? its up to you. Choose a market, choose a style, and go to town!

 I have not done anything like this before so it was going to be a trip into the unknown.  

The first thing was to decide the theme for the beer.  It happened that a colleague of mine was wrapping up training for a charity event called the Four Peaks Challenge.  This involved climbing the 4 highest peaks on the island of Ireland. I figured this would be an interesting theme to play with. 

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