Monday, June 4, 2012

Bloodsports 11- starting

Bloodsports 11 thumbs

Bloodsports 11  consisted of the following -
"Your Task is to use a monster (pre-existing or self developed) and turn it into a living statue version of itself. Similar to the concept of a gargoyle, these statues can be of any monster, and can be made of any  material. Once youve decided- bring it to life! backgrounds are a MUST."

 This one was gong to be hard - creature - textures - environment.  I started doing thumbs.  Unfortunately most of them got lost as  I juggled files between my computer and laptop.  The remnants are above.  I plumped for a toy come to life.  Originally it was going to fly but that got ditched when I moved into more detailed sketches. 

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