Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rory's Story Cubes

Rory Story Cubes

Rory's story cubes is a game played with 9 dice.  On the faces of each die are images.  The dice are thrown and the challenge is to create a story which uses all images on the upturned faces of all nine dice.  It is a lot of fun and asks people to creative in ways which most people would not ever be called upon to be.
While the game in itself is worthy just for its simplicity and uniqueness there is something else very interesting about this game.  

I heard the inventor discuss the genesis of this game.  Both he and his partner work in creative industries.  He describes how the initial idea came to him during a creative problem solving exercise he practices called Advanced Civilisation.  The principle is that you imagine a civilisation in the future where all the problems we grapple with today have been solved.
The only reference to this technique I could find was a Course called The Genius Code Personal Learning.  I have to be honest and say techniques like these I would generally dismiss but inventors reported the cubes sold 20,000 units in a few weeks.  I would say it worked for Rory!