Thursday, April 4, 2019

Walking and Talking

Walking and Talking

This was an oil painting commission.  Actual size was 76 cm x 61 cm which is the largest canvas I have painted.
As it was such a large canvas I wanted to plan everything out so started with thumbnails.

With a thumbnail selected I went ahead and did a more detailed study with some pose options.  

With all the elements locked down the last thing was to select a pallet.

After that it was out of the forgiving digital world and into traditional media.  A line drawing was made on a gridded canvas 

After that I did a very rough application of value using acrylic paint.  

After that I moved into oils further defining the values with a dead layer .  It was developed beyond this to a full value render - just forgot to take a photo. 

After that I moved into applying colour.  This was done over 2 layers of paint followed up with washes. 

The weasel was mostly white at this point.  
I had to go in and change it to brown - very carefully - total size of figure was about 1 inch.

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