Thursday, January 31, 2019


H Matisse 1 
H Matisse 2

H Matisse 3

Its been a challenging week - some hard lessons learned.  Most of my time has been spent doing client work and that old classic freelancer experience of working and not been paid- watch out for that one.  Fortunately it is not my typical experience so far. Anyway I did get a little time to try out some simpler rendering - producing the 3 Matisse.  
I also returned to my roots doing pencil work.  It was what I started out doing and I deliberately avoided it for the past number of years.  Forcing myself to work with the unforgiving pen.  It was a bit of jolt to realise how imprecise the mark is compared to the pens.  I ended up having to take the image into Photoshop to clean it up. 

House - pencil 

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