Monday, July 27, 2015

Servant and Master

Servant and Master
Another character study.  
When I started trying to practice more seriously resources to help were numerous - folks had started livesteaming, was a buzzing place.  Seemed like there were lots of people learning together. Over the past few years it has got a lot more fractured and harder to get that constant nag to work and get better.  There are still lots of resources - free and to pay for but it feels like you have to pick your was through things to find whats useful at the right time.   
Someone who was active getting better backwhen I started and has reappeared streaming is John Silva- you can catch him streaming on  twitch
I was listening to his stream when I started noodling with this.  He gave some advice to someone he was critiquing - keep your values close.  That was what I tried to do here. Thanks John.

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