Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oils workshop - still life pt 1


The scene doesn't look like much but I spent a whole week trying to capture it in oils.  As I mentioned before I went to an still life workshop for a week.  The workshop was part of the Draw In festival. Matt Weigle was the instructor for the course and it was a great experience.  Julie Douglas the organiser has a write up on the week on her blog.

First day was a set up and drawing day.  Shadow boxes were already set up by Matt and Julie and arranged so they each had a single light source.  Had to choose some props and arrange them.  Have to say I took Matts advice and kept it simple so I could focus on technique. Kept it dark and moody. Drawing was pencil on paper. Out of practice on that so I drew the set up three times.  Also marked in the terminator lines (change from light to shadow). 

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