Sunday, January 27, 2013

After Arkhipov The Washer Women

After Arkhipov The Washer Women study
After Arkhipov The Washer Women

 I started this masters study last November and am finally calling it done.  It was done in oil  on 90 x 45 cm MDF gesso primed. 

 I gridded the panel and the image in photoshop then drew the figures on the panel in pencil. Everything else was done in oils.  I see some folks doing the initial blocking or values in acrylics and I think I will try that next time.  
 I blocked things in pretty quickly then put in some details. Most of the rest of the work was done in a few glazes.  The glazing was not something I had tried before to any great extent but it helped pull it together.  I have not seen the original of this and there are a few copies of this painting on the Internet.  They vary a lot in saturation and hue. In the end I worked from the highest res image I could find.  I have no idea how ArKhipov worked but I really liked the light and colour treatment.   I also liked the subject matter (not many images like this out there).  I think I may have been empathising with the main figure.  I am stuck in a not so great job at the moment and when I am there I feel like this lady looks.  

This is the eighth masters study I have done.  I have a few other Arkhipov studies in Photoshop from last year here and here.

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