Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bloodsports 10

Well I will try and ace the perseverance element of the Bloodsports cos its  Bloodsports 10 and yes I am going to participate.  Of the 3 options I am going to go with  --


This option is an exercise in CHARACTER JUXTAPOSITION. Popularized by many movies in the 80s, a character from a set time period is transported to a strange future world not his own. Many movies dealt with this by sending characters to the past, but for this challenge wed like you to bring some kind of barbaric warrior into the world of the late 1980s. everything in his surroundings should feel like 1986, offsetting his rugged and ancient look. you can also take any other approach to this you can come up with that works in the set guidelines. Maybe hes trying to fit in, like the trench-coated dude from highlander, or maybe hes just a shitty version of HE-MAN walking around a video game arcade. You decide!

 KEY ELEMENTS - Barbarian look or feel to the character, 1980s looking environment. clear that he DOES NOT BELONG HERE.

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