Monday, March 26, 2012

Bloodsports Hiatus

Following the Zelda work Dan announced there would be a postponement of Bloodsports 8.  The reason was the drop off in numbers completing.   I was not to surprised this whole study group exploded in the space of 2-3 months it expanded from what was a small steady core group to a mass of participants.  Along with that was an increase in the numbers of activities. All requiring a massive time commitment from Dan who himself was on a mission to cut it as a pro and amazingly  and Dave who's own career seems to be growing.  All done with no monitory compensation. Thanks Dan and Dave. 

Though understandable it is nonetheless a blow. For myself the Deathline Challenge has been a great way of focusing on achieving things and keeping the momentum up.  The challenges were great for me.  I had not put together any imaginative work.  At a minimum it was practice at getting a work flow sorted. At its best it pushed me to finish pieces that if I were working alone would most likely have stalled and languished.  
 I am sure that the group will go on.  for now I am taking a little breather.  Doing some gentler paced personal work.

Swamp ancient
Hunter and Pet


Crimson Guardians

Miazaki Re-marketed
Hunter and


Windwaker Reworked

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