Thursday, February 17, 2011

Webpage Designs

One of the ways in which the Irish Government has hoped to spark the entrepreneurial spirit is though the enterprise boards.  Each county has its own board which is responsible for disseminating information, training and grants to aid small and medium local businesses.  One of the by products is that each board has a website to provide information.  Rather than a single template it looks like each board has come up with their own web design.  This provides a great example of different design approaches to fulfill the same brief.  There are 35  in total

Below are a sample of those available.

On the downside is that the Donegal agency responsible  for creating employment chose to outsource their design effort to a company based in Derry which is across the border in the UK. It looks great but, really?  

By the way if you are in Roscommon and you need this service you better get out that pen and notepad. 

There is election talk that some of this carry on will be reformed.  With unemployment coming close to 15 %, I hope so.

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